Staff Advisory System

College has Staff tutor system with a faculty student ratio of 1:20.

Class Tutors

Sl No. Name of Class Name of Class Tutor Designation
1. S2 Civil Engineering Greeshma Mohan S Asst.Professor,Civil Engineering
2. S2 Mechanical Engineering Sanal Kumar B G Asst.Professor,Mechanical Engineering
3. S2 Electrical & Electronics Engineering Thasreef H R Asst.Professor,Electrical & Electronics Engineering
4. S2 Electronics & Communication Engineering Anjali Swapna Asst.Professor,Electronics & Communication Engineering
5. S2 Computer Science & Engineering Rakesh R J Asst.Professor,Computer Science & Engineering
6. S4 Civil Engineering Sigma Sunny T Asst.Professor,Civil Engineering
7. S4 Mechanical Engineering Thajudeen A K Asst.Professor,Mechanical Engineering
8. S4 Electrical & Electronics Engineering Rahul Charles C M Asst.Professor,Electrical & Electronics Engineering
9. S4 Electronics & Communication Engineering Revathy Nath H A Asst.Professor,Electronics & Communication Engineering
10. S4 Computer Science & Engineering Smitha C S Asst.Professor,Computer Science & Engineering